What’s new with WOO X

New fiat-to-crypto payment methods, tools and upgrades are now here!

WOO Ecosystem
2 min readJul 29, 2022

More ways to purchase cryptocurrency

WOO X has integrated with fiat gateway Ramp to support a series of new fiat-to-crypto payments including ApplePay, SEPA Bank Transfer, Bank Transfer, Faster Payment (FPS), and Revolut.

Head over to the Buy Crypto tab to swap either EUR, USD or GBP for USDT which will then be shortly deposited into your WOO X account. This service will be available to any WOO X users of at least KYC level 2 who are not in our current list of unsupported countries.

Select from your choice of vendors to top up your account

More tools to level-up your trading

Traders need their tools, which is why we’ve added two more to your arsenal:

  • A quick buy/sell button on the chart
  • A drag and drop feature to change pending orders

In addition to the above, some of your favorite features have been fine-tuned:

  • Leverage can now be changed directly from the dashboard
  • Tabs are now easier to navigate with the addition of <> buttons
  • Chart settings now let you customize symbols, status lines and more

More WOO DAO benefits

WOO X users can now link their on-chain address to their WOO X account and enjoy more WOO DAO benefits to come, directly from the exchange. Simply navigate to the My Account tab, and connect any wallet of your choosing.

Other news

Are you new to WOO? Don’t forget to stop by the Staking tab in WOO X and stake 1800 $WOO to lock in zero-fee trading for life. In addition to receiving daily yield, WOO X stakers benefit from improved referral rates, taker rebates, and free daily withdrawals.

If you have questions or just want to learn more, be sure to stop by the WOO X support center!

Stay tuned for all WOO Network’s exciting developments!

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